Julie Yip-Williams' Wisdom on Healthy Survivorship

Colon cancer recently ended the life of Julie Yip-Willliams. But not before she recorded inspiring words in her blog (to be published as a book next year) and in this 8 1/2-minute must-see interview with Tracy Smith on CBS Sunday Morning.

Along with lessons on parenting, Yip-Williams shared lessons of resilience. She was talking to you when she said you have "the ability to see challenges, even death, as opportunities to face them head on and with gratitude." She believed and wanted you to believe "within every human being is the capacity to overcome...[challenge]. We just have to find it."

Thank you, Julie, for showing us how to get good care and live as fully as possible--to be a Healthy Survivor from the time of your diagnosis to your last breath. Thank you for leaving the words to help us believe that no matter the challenges, we, too, can be Healthy Survivors.