Announcing A New Gift of Healing Hope

As of midnight March 18, 2018, my passion project is out in the world. For a peek inside my new book, read on. If you're looking for a gift of hope for the cancer survivors, caregivers and healthcare professionals in your life, here's what makes Healing Hope--Through and Beyond Cancer special.


This book offers original content in an innovative format that makes the messages accessible and memorable. For patients inundated with information and without the time or energy for reading standard books, Healing Hope offers…

  • An introduction to hope (what hope is; how hope helps) and Healthy Survivorship. 
  • 50 illustrated aphorisms (short, powerful statements of truth) that can be adopted or adapted to meet readers' personal circumstances and style
  • Succinct (120 words or less) and relatable insights and tips for each aphorism

Healing Hope is a gift you can give without the risk of overstepping boundaries or unwittingly causing distress, because it offers…

  • Inspiration for patients of all ages at all stages of survivorship
  • Insights that work well both for readers who prefer religion-free inspiration and for readers whose spiritual faith is central to their identity
  • Gender- and ethnic-neutral illustrations

To give you a peek at what's inside, on pages 30-31 you'll find ideas and an image to help you overcome the challenge of feeling hopeless after a doctor says something that takes away your hope.  

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Healing Hope--Through and Beyond Cancer is available through all major online distributors, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. For individuals and organizations interested in purchasing 10 or more copies, contact Curant House for special-sales pricing and ordering. 

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