A Healthy Survivor's Perspective on the News About Breast Implants

My last post drew attention to the media reports of breast implants putting people at increased risk of a rare lymphoma. I'm not suggesting you shouldn't feel anxious, especially if you are considering implants or have implants. Anxiety is natural. My point is to use your anxiety positively.  

In the pursuit of Healthy Survivorship, calm anxiety with a healthy perspective by remembering...:

  • The risk of that cancer is far greater with textured implants than smooth ones
  • Implant-associate lymphoma is exceedingly rare, even with textured implants
  • That cancer is curable if diagnosed early (often with surgery to remove the implants)

Weigh all the risks and benefits in the context of your personal situation. If you have implants, anxiety may cause you to want to minimize your risk of the rare cancer at any cost. Before taking action, to make a wise decision in keeping with your values, consider...

  • your risk of your specific implants
  • the risks and benefits to you of each option (keep implants and screen properly; remove textured implants and replace with smooth; remove any implant and go flat)

In response to any frightening media report, take a breath. Diligently obtain sound knowledge. Interpret the facts in the context of your personal situation. Then, make a decision in keeping with your values.

Healthy Survivors use the discomfort of anxiety to motivate them to get the facts and make wise decisions. They take steps to prevent anxiety from driving their decisions or actions. 

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