Web-based App May Help Improve Survival

What if an app could help improve (1) patients' survival, (2) patients' quality of life and (3) the cost effectiveness of cancer care? 

As quoted in the ASCO Post article on a study of such an app, researcher Dr. Fabrice Denis concludes, "If we had a drug that works this well, it would be practice-changing...."

The Phase III multi-center randomized study looked at 133 patients with advanced lung cancer, The control group received routine visits plus CT scans every 3-6 months (i.e., standard follow-up care). The intervention group received the same number of visits with their oncologist plus annual CT scans (i.e. less frequent scanning) plus weekly electronic reporting by patients of their symptoms.

"At 1 year, 75% of patients were still alive the in app groups vs 49% who received standard follow-up care...[and] the app group required 50% fewer scans and a reduced number of office visits." 

Why might it work? "The app triggers access to care earlier, when patients are healthier and can derive greater benefit from care…. There is a survival benefit from earlier detection, earlier supportive care, and earlier delivery of optimal care.”

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