A Cancer in the Family

If you ever wondered if you might be at increased risk of cancer because a family member has or had cancer, this book is for you: A Cancer in the Family by Theodora Ross, MD, PhD.

Ross' book helped me do the best things for myself and my family with as little stress as possible. As I wrote in Patients' Genetic Inheritance, a book review for Oncology Times, Ross' writing "hits the sweet spot: authoritative and comforting without oversimplifying or sugarcoating and without sounding preachy or cheerleadery."  

Ross explores the many obstacles that may keep you from Healthy Survivorship by preventing you from finding out if genetic testing is indicated and, if it is, by preventing you from proceeding with testing. Reinforcing a key message of Healthy Survivors, Ross reiterates that obtaining knowledge about your genetic inheritance does not change what is. It changes what you can do about what is.

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