Laura Miller's Epiphanies and Regrets While Dealing with Cancer Again--Part II

In my last post I shared two of Miller's epiphanies. Here's more:

Epiphany: I need to talk to others about risk reduction. 

Miller outlines steps to decrease breast cancer based on studies of breast cancer patients: 

  • Avoid substantial weight gain (10-15 pounds or more) and eat a low-fat diet. 
  • Walk, run or jog at least three hours a week. 
  • Avoid hormone replacement therapy. 
  • Don't have more than one alcoholic drink per day.

Epiphany: "The truth is we don't know why we get cancer." 
Scientists can tell us how to decrease our risk, but nobody can tell us who will get cancer because we don't yet know why we get cancer.

Epiphany: I cannot control it...But I can fight it, and I am ready for whatever comes.
Miller chooses to focus on the joys in her life. Despite cancer, she usually feels happy and hopeful.

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