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Dr. Harpham on Healthy Survivorship

What is a Healthy Survivor?

Since 1992, when Dr. Harpham coined the term Healthy Survivor for anyone who is (1) getting good care and (2) living as fully as possible, she has been exploring the power of this helpful, hopeful term. Learn the story of the term "Healthy Survivor" and how it might help you. Read more…

Survivorship Poems

On occasion, Dr. Harpham uses poetry to express a feeling or clarify an idea. Read more...

Insights For Healthy Survivors

At times, a simple phrase may be more helpful than all the sophisticated, caring discussion in the world. That’s why Dr. Harpham peppers her writing and speaking with inspirational mottos to help you through. Read some of Dr. Harpham’s favorites…

Helpful Links for Healthy Survivors

Patients today face the challenge of sorting through an overabundance of information on the Internet. Read summaries of links recommended by Dr. Harpham.