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Healing Hope--inspired and inspiring words to live by. Wendy Harpham, diagnosed 27 years ago with an incurable cancer, hasn’t survived on hope: she’s survived with hope. Hope that the next round of treatment would work. Hope for a good day, a joyful event, the ability to recognize and enjoy whatever happiness was possible for however long she may live. Wendy tells you how to nourish hope that heals – realistic hope, honest hope, hope that can keep you from wasting time and energy on despair, denial, or wishful thinking and instead live each day to its fullest despite distressing illness and treatment." --Jane E. Brody, New York Times;   18-year survivor   

“So simple! So compelling! Healing Hope is like a guiding hand reaching out and saying, ‘I will help you get through this.’  I love the way complex concepts are broken down into simple action plans that propel us forward and put a positive spin on whatever reality we are living. As a survivor of multiple cancers and late effects, I am eternally grateful for new lessons on how to hope and cope with the challenges of long-term survival. It will be by my bedside so I can be reminded of her wise advice."  --Susan Leigh, RN-OCN; 45-year survivor

"As an oncology social worker for 20 years, I hear the emotional impact of uncertainty in the thousands of patients I’ve spoken to. Since reading Healing Hope, I see “hope” as a much bigger word than I once did, guiding a journey through cancer with affirmation and strength—or forewarning of deception and despair. Wendy and I were diagnosed with the same cancer within months of each other.  While our treatment paths were different, our outcomes are the same: survivors who utilize the many different manifestations of hope and humbly bear the scars of lessons learned along the way. Wendy’s book so richly covers the wide breadth of “hope,” showing how hope might get hijacked on occasion, such as by false hope, but is never out of reach.  With humor, pathos and artful graphics, this book offers a healing balm to those newly diagnosed or years along in the journey."--Richard Dickens, Director of Client Advocacy, CancerCare; 27-year survivor

“How does one maintain hope during the periods of uncertainty, helplessness, and anxiety that often characterize the cancer experience?  Through aphorisms, Wendy Harpham provides perspectives derived from her personal experience with cancer about practical strategies to manage the emotional challenges common to cancer patients and their loved ones. The insights she shares will resonate with individuals struggling to find hope in the midst of cancer’s adversities.  Healing Hope is a ‘must read’ for anyone touched by cancer.” --Melissa M. Hudson, MD,  Director, Cancer Survivorship St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

“’The best news is accurate news that helps me move forward in healing ways,’ the always brilliant and levelheaded Wendy Harpham, MD writes in her new book, Healing Hope. What she has to say is realistic and intelligent, and full of down-to-earth wisdom and humor. She is a national treasure for all cancer survivors, and this book demonstrates that fact. --Natalie Robins, author of Living in the Lightning, A Cancer Journal

"Wendy Harpham -- a physician, cancer survivor, and author -- is a hero to me and to many other survivors. In Healing Hope, she offers wise and reassuring advice on how to live as fully as possible after a cancer diagnosis. Healing Hope is warm and inspirational and unsentimental, much like the author herself. Reading it, I realized the book is a guide to a life that's lived well -- with or without cancer. And -- who doesn't need that?" -- Ruth Pennebaker, author of Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakthrough

 “Healing Hope offers an inspiring guide to finding each reader’s unique “inner courage, fortitude, patience and confidence” in the journey through and after cancer. This book offers tools—not recipes—to navigate and make the best of the inner dialogues and feelings, the challenging health system, and the social expectations that cancer patients encounter along the way. Readers will benefit from Dr Harpham’s wisdom, gained through the combination of her solid scientific knowledge, experiences as a patient, exceptional writing talent and lifetime commitment to helping others become Healthy Survivors.”  --Laura Letecia Nervi, PhD 

"As both survivor and caregiver, I've found tremendous help and comfort in Dr. Wendy Harpham's practical, compassionate wisdom. This little book is a huge blessing, a gift with real and lasting impact." Joni Rodgers, NYTimes bestselling author of Bald in the Land of Big Hair