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As social media began flourishing in the late 1990s, Dr. Harpham resisted a friend’s urging to enter the blogosphere. As she explains in “Blog World” (Oncology Times,March 8, 2008), “I argued repeatedly with Jeanne, ‘I don't need a blog. Patients have my books. The Internet crowd can visit my Web site.’ But she finally wore me down, and I agreed to give it a whirl.”

Dr. Harpham’s Blog on Healthy Survivorship soon became a labor of love. “I want to provide a space where patients, families, physicians, nurses, allied healthcare professionals and even hospital administrators can exchange ideas and work together to help modern patients get good care.”

With only rare exceptions, Dr. Harpham keeps each post less than 251 words. Whether offering a book review, responding to an article in the news, or sharing an inspirational story, she uses every post to serve her mission of “Helping Others through the Synergy of Science and Caring.”

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