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Talking About Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

MD AndersonMany cancer treatments have side effects which affect patient quality of life. In this video, Wendy Harpham, M.D., a physician and cancer survivor, talk about side effects and how to discuss them with your doctor. She talks from the wisdom of her own cancer experience and also that of treating patients in her practice. We have also provided a pocket guide for patients and families which can be found below.

This guide emphasizes the importance of discussing side effects with your doctor and provides some hints that will make it easier to do that. This video and Pocket Guide were generously funded by the Volunteer Endowment for Patient Support.

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You may print the guide: Pocket Guide to Talking About Side Effects of Cancer Treatments (pdf)


Breast Cancer Demonstration Project

Breast Cancer Demonstration ProjectHealthcare Association of New York State Breast Cancer Demonstration Project
Written and narrated by Wendy S. Harpham, MD, FACP
Introduction by Kathleen Ciccone, Principle Investigator

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A 12 minute webstream for patients newly-diagnosed with cancer. Although presented as part of the HANYS Breast Cancer Demonstration Project, most of the information and advice applies to dealing with the diagnosis of any type of cancer.

The Cancer Monument


Talking to Kids about Cancer

Dr. Wendy Harpham was living her dream. She had her own solo medical practice and was a wife and mother to three young children. Out of the blue life threw a curve ball. Normal wasn't so normal anymore. This show discusses how Wendy and her family weathered the storm. Click here to listen.


We Can Cope....When a Parent has Cancer

Produced by Inflexxion, Inc. ™ and hosted by Dr. Wendy S. Harpham, the program provides parents with clear and easy to follow suggestions for finding both the words and the hope to deal with difficult task of talking with their children about cancer.

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Cancer in the Home: A New Normal; Part One Interview with Dr. Wendy Harpham
Interview with Erica Heilman of Healthology, February 14, 2003

Cancer in the Home: Recurring Hope, Part Two Interview with Dr. Wendy Harpham
Interview with Erica Heilman of Healthology; February 14, 2003

The Cancer Survivors Network: Young Women with Brain Cancer

The Cancer Survivors Network: Young Women with Skin Cancer